Right Way Marine Cargo UAE - Yet another rip off by Ajoy Lopez

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In early 2016 I paid by Paypal, as per Ajoy Lopez' instructions so that my goods - mainly books and clothes - would be collected by Rightway Shipping LLC based in Sharjah from my address in Abu Dhabi and delivered to Latvia within 7 days.I remained in the UAE for 3 additional weeks after collection, and was assured repeatedly that my goods would arrive by mid February.

They didn't. Once I returned to Latvia, I found that Ajoy Lopez would not return my calls or answer emails. March arrived, as did April. I was assured that they had been delivered to Latvia and that they were with an agent in Riga.

I asked for proof, but no proof was forthcoming, not even proof of transport. This situation went on, until I was within 2 weeks of the period you could raise a claim with Paypal was exceeded, by this time I had worked out that Lopez and his company were not good to their word and the goods were in all likelihood still in Sharjah. Paypal found in my favour, but as the goods were kept in cardboard boxes and consisted of clothes, books, PC etc, I could only assume that if not already damaged, the goods would have rotted. The PC itself, had actually been sold as I had a security program on it which informed me that it was indeed being used by somebody.

Thankfully the security system on it also allows me to wipe it remotely. They have not attempted to help, they are basically a one man operation who is very attentive before he gets your goods then avoids your calls and emails. I did everything I could to get my goods back, even completing an undertaking letter which I amended so that they could not increase the cost from what had originally been agreed and that if goods were damaged that they would be responsible. I would leave it to anyone to check for themselves the reputation of Ajoy Lopez - or his company - by searching online.

You will find the same scam play repeatedly. He quotes low, fails to deliver and if you have paid with paypal delays transfer until the reclaim period has passed then asks for more money. The guy is a crook and abusive when cornered, avoid at all costs. I have raised the issue with both Dubai and Sharjah authorities.

Dubai state it's not in their jurisdiction as he operates out of Sharjah.And the Sharjah authorities just ignore the issue.

Review about: Shipping Services.

I didn't like: Company needs to be closed down.

Right Way Marine Cargo UAE RIP OFF

Calgary, Alberta 11 comments
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Ripped off by an unscrupulous freight forwarder removal agent. He has a very good online presence - but is a one man band - once the service had been paid in full - Ajoy Lopez (the owner) is difficult to get hold of - he did not reply to emails, did not return phone calls... when you get hold of him on the phone he promises to call back within a couple of hours... that never happens. Despite being paid in full for services - he did not pay his vendors (and could not be contacted). Again - when you get hold of him - more promise that everything is under control... but then no feedback, no phone calls. After incurring high costs and being threatened with losing ALL our belongings - we were forced to pay his vendors and the storage costs.

Goods were not packed well - no strapping in the container... water damaged boxes. LCD TV lying on the floor with a mattress having fallen on top of it. Some possession were missing, others broken.... and we even had things that do not belong to us. Despite trying to reclaim costs and make an insurance claim - the fraudulent Mr Ajoy Lopez has not come back to us. An expensive experience.... so hopefully this report saves other expats the frustration and stress of what should be a simple move!

We have been ripped off by $13,000 excluding breakages, missing items and the fact that we had to rent a fully furnished apartment for 4 months!

Review about: Storage And Removal.



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GREAT SERVICE INDEED!!Ajoy Lopez and the rest of the personnel were excellent in giving me the best auto transportation service I have seen so far.

I have Transported several cars for myself and family members and never had such a good experience. I am not a picky person, but my partner is extremely picky and a perfectionist. Ajoy was so patient, informative and understanding. My partner's Jaguar was picked up and delivered as promised with one day delay but it came in the same condition and we were informed and updated throughout the whole process.

Very pleased with the service and will definitely use Right Way Shipping LLC again and refer people.Thank you Right Way Shipping LLC and Ajoy.


My name is Andrea Di Mare holder of costarrican ID number : 114 5606 82, I used to live in Dubai and at the moment I move back home I contact this guy Mr, Ajoy Lopez (owner of Right Way Shipping llc, cel phone number + 971509925468, email: moveuae@rightwayshipping.org) because it was one of the firsts in the google search I made to ship my stuff back to Costa Rica. It has passed already 10 months and nothing never came.

He don't answer my calls, mails, nothing....

I payed him almost 3000 aed in Dubai, then I sent him US$600 to "complete" the operation.

I really hope this criminal get what he really deserves.


Update 04/12/2012

We finally reached an agreement with Maersk to pay an additional $2300 in order to be able to RECLAIM OUR BELONGINGS after an 8 month ordeal in which RIGHTWAY MARINE CARGO consistently lied, neglected, and deceived all parties involved.In the end, we paid USD $10000+ for Mr.

Lopez and his crew of laborers to pack our household onto a 20ft container and drive away with it. NONE OF THE CONTRACTS WERE PAID BY RIGHTWAY MARINE CARGO LLC AND NO OTHER SERVICE WAS PROVIDED TO US WITHOUT ADDITIONAL (pay all over again) PAYMENT. This has been a terrible lesson for us and we hope that others will not fall prey to this company ever again. Do your family a favor and look elsewhere for proper professional services for your move.

This man is just wrong and you don't need to be put through this type of experience.

How many people need to say the same thing?I just wish I saw these posts before I fell prey to this scam.


deal all , we need to unite , share your contact details and address and telephone number and i will teach the lesson to this man



Dear all i am also a victim of Right Way Marine Cargo RIP OFF, done by Ajoy Lopez he took 36 carton and 8500 AED from me and now disappearing , not lifting my phone, i am from India and i will file a FIR /law suite /police case against him in india and trace him in his home city trivendrun,i need to teach him the lesssion kindly contact me all of you with your detail on my email ID , dgautam21@gmail.com, +919987454045, Gautam



He has emotionally and financially crippled us as a family.

Stay away from this fraudulent character.

Pamela Orbin


In addition, Mr.Lopez has been making every effort to connect my complaint with that of the original post, Mr.

Orbin, for the purpose of pursuing defamation lawsuits. NEWSFLASH MR LOPEZ.......defamation lawsuits only work when people don't have the documented facts in their hands!. The only person who should be concerned about pending legal issues is Mr. Lopez.

Rather than trying to hide his fraudulent actions behind a smokescreen of legal threats, he should man-up and do what he was paid to do.

That is what human beings do Mr.Ajoy Cecil Lopez.


UPDATE- as of November 15, 2011.To date, Rightway Marine Cargo and Mr.

Ajoy Cecil Lopez remain in default payment to Maersk for more than $5000USD on our shipment. I have been told by Maersk Dubai that the shipper (Mr. Lopez) refuses to release our container until all freight and additional charges are paid. These are fees for which we have documented evidence that we have already PAID RIGHTWAY MARINE CARGO IN ADVANCE AND IN FULL PAYMENT FOR.

We have paid $6300 USD for a service which was not provided at all and remains unfulfilled. Maersk has not been paid as our container was sent by Rightway collect. Mr. Lopez refuses to answer any correspondence except to issue threats of legal actions against us for posting our complaints against his fraudulent actions.

Today he refused to release the container because now he feels his reputation is being harmed due to my complaints.

We are pursuing legal action and hope to end this deceitful practice and bring him to justice.I request that any others who have had similar issues with this person come forward and join our legal action for compensation and justice.


I am a Canadian who recently hired the completely dishonest Ajoy Lopez of Rightway Marine Cargo of Sharjah to move our family from Fujairah, UAE to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.Our shipment was to have arrived September 24 and to date, still not arrived.

Furthermore, everything posted by previous post is completely true in our case as well. At this point, we have been informed by local Mongolia agent that there has been no contact with UAE shipper and additional fees for storage and transport must be paid before container will be released. Outright criminal and grossly negligent. PLEASE DO NOT USE OR RECOMMEND RIGHTWAY MARINE CARGO OR AJOY LOPEZ.

Unfortunately, due to the pathetic nature of the UAE system and the ease for which subcontinent Indians can melt away, we will most likely never get compensated for our losses.

All we can do is inform everyone else to steer clear ofnthis joker.Regards, Robert Holtet

to Another person scammed by Mr. Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates #711513

Just contact the UAE embassy in your country and see what they will do to him.

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